Majelco Medical Inc. is a University of Utah spin-out, seed -stage company that has developed a proprietary, disposable device to measure accurately surgical blood loss, targeting 10 million moderate blood loss surgeries (MBLS) that take place annually in the USA alone. MBLS are surgeries with an expected, approximate blood loss of 300 – 1500 cc.

Welcome to Majelco Medical Inc.

Anesthesia care providers, surgeons and nurses in the OR (operating room) are asking for technology to measure surgical blood loss accurately and in real-time. Most blood lost during surgery is collected in OR suction canisters where it becomes diluted with other fluids. This dilution makes it very difficult to know how much of the canister fluid is actually blood. OR personnel must basically guess! Blood loss informs the amount of IV fluid and the number of blood transfusions given to patients in the OR. Current rough visual estimates of surgical blood loss are wrong on average by 40%. The lack of accurate surgical blood loss measurement devices in the operating room have led to over infusion of IV fluids and unnecessary blood transfusions which put patients at risk of post surgical complications. These patient complications and unnecessary blood transfusions increase health care costs literally by billions of dollars annually.

Approximately 10 Million medium blood loss surgeries (300 – 1500 cc blood) per year (25% of US procedures) warrant our device. US Market opportunity per year: $700M to $1B gross revenue, globally $4B to $5B.

Majelco’s HEMOPTiX is a simple, real-time, accurate, low cost, disposable device that measures the amount of surgical blood loss in OR suction canisters. Using proprietary optical technology, HEMOPTiX is able to determine the concentration of hemoglobin (the oxygen carrying molecule in red blood cells) and the volume of the fluid in OR suction canisters. This data can then be used to calculate patient blood loss which is especially useful in MBLS, where advanced patient monitoring is not used. With the availability of HEMOPTiX blood loss measurements, anesthesia care providers can avoid unnceccesary blood transfusions and over infusion of IV fluids which will result in better patient outcomes, decreased lengths of hospital stay and significant hospital cost savings.

Majelco Medical, Inc. is a privately held, prototype-stage medical device company focusing on the development and commercialization of new proprietary methods of measuring blood loss during surgery. The Company was founded in 2014 with the mission to bring much higher precision to infusion and transfusion practices in the operating room, saving patient and provider costs, and significantly improving patient outcomes. The Company continues to seek complimentary business relationships, out-license opportunities and co-development opportunities. Our company includes a team of senior medical professionals and bioengineers, as well as strong, eperienced business leaders with substantial experience in life science technology business development.

Majelco has completed a 1st generation prototype, returning results at a 97% accuracy rate. Majelco Medical is now seeking funding to complete 2nd generation versions, having smoother data streams, miniaturizing and productizing the designs, to be tested at length in operating rooms following actual surgeries to validate accuracy and functional implementation under real-world conditions.