Happy New Year! Following onto the strong life science presence at the January chapter forums (all but one of the presentations were life science), we have a very full agenda for our first life science committee screening for 2018. Three companies will be presenting on Monday, Jan. 29th:

  • Seattle Gummy (Connie Wan, CEO)
  • Tasso (Ben Casavant, CEO)
  • Majelco Medical (Annette MacIntyre, President)

The first two companies are planning to present in person at the Keiretsu offices conference room, and the last company (Majelco) will present via GoToMeeting web conference. I have attached the executive summary and investor slide deck for each company for your preview to prepare for this meeting.

Given the packed agenda, please be prompt at joining the meeting at 4:00. Since we have three companies this month, the meeting will last until 6:00. Please remember to only enable one microphone if there are more than one device accessing the meeting in the room (otherwise there will be feedback), and to mute your microphone when not speaking so that background noises do not disturb the web conference.